Doctoral Studies (792 xxx)


The current curriculum for the Doctoral Programme in Humanities, Philosophy and Education took effect in winter semester 2009/10. New procedures/regulations/admission requirements took effect at the beginning of winter semester 2018/19. After the introduction of qualitative admission requirements in 2018, the possibility of participating in the Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies is a further step towards quality promotion and a research-active environment for doctoral students. You can find more information on the structure and participation opportunities here

Detailed information about the doctoral studies at the Univeristät Wien can be found here:


The Center for Doctoral Studies offers a range of workshops, about which you can find further information here.


Director of the Doctoral Studies Programm
Registering a Dissertation Topic / Public presentation at the Faculty
Change of Dissertation Topic or advisor
Doctoral Advisory Boards
Doctoral Thesis Agreement
Course offerings
Annual Progress reports and overview of (completed) requirements
Record of Examinations
Informationen zu kumulativen Dissertationen
Publication Block
Notice of award
Graduation ceremony