Doctoral Thesis Agreement


After the successful completion of the public presentation at the Faculty, the parties involved (the PhD candidate, supervisor(s) and the University) sign a Doctoral Thesis Agreement (Dissertationsvereinbarung), in which the basic requirements of the dissertation project (seminars to be visited, frequency of feedback discussions, etc.) are agreed upon.

General information about the Doctoral Thesis Agreement can be found here.  


Recommendations of the Directorate of the Doctoral Studies Programme for the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies:    


Itis strongly recommended to submit the Doctoral Thesis Agreement within four weeks after approval of the topic. Details of the curriculum as well as the acceptability of courses and receiving credits for those taken should first be clarified with the responsible Director of the Doctoral Studies Programme.

The curriculum stipulates that a total of 24 ECTS credits must be specified in the Doctoral Thesis Agreement. The current course offerings can be found in the Course Catalogue.

From December 2020 all Doctoral Thesis Agreements must contain the following course requirements with their respective ECTS credits:

a) Two interdisciplinary seminars for doctoral candidates from among the course offerings of the Doctoral Directorate of Studies – Historical and Cultural Studies 41 or doctoral colloqi.

b)  1-2 seminars on the final thesis from the Master's curriculum with the supervisor OR 1-2 further seminars from point a)

c) 1-2 further courses of choice, which serve the acquisition of additional competences (further ID seminars/colloquia or, if necessary, suitable courses from the master curricula - see course catalog 41.02 - 41.05)

d) Active participation (poster or delivered paper) at a workshop or conference is strongly recommended. This activity carries usually between 4 and 6 ECTS credits and should be listed in the Doctoral Thesis Agreement under point 7. In this case it can replace one of the required courses described above in b) or c).


When deciding on the requirements for the Doctoral Thesis Agreement, you should take into consideration the results of your presentation and the recommendations of the Doctoral Advisory Board.


Assistance for filling out the Doctoral Thesis Agreement can be found here.




The course offerings of the study programme for each semester can be found in the course catalogue.