Annual progress reports and overview of requirements

Annual progress reports and an overview of (completed) requirements are mandated by the Statutes of the University of Vienna; more information can be found here.

The first annual progress report is to be submitted to the Studies Service Center one year after the submission of the Doctoral Thesis Agreement.

Use these downloadable forms: Fortschrittsbericht / Annual Report

Send the scanned progress report by email to:

Important information regarding the overview of (completed) requirements:

Please attach a current overview of (completed) requirements to your annual progress report using the appropriate form. Please include proof for any courses, etc. completed outside of the Unviersity of Vienna.

Enter only those courses or activities that have been listed under Point 7 of your Doctoral Thesis Agreement as counting toward the total required number of ECTS credits. (Any additional activities, such as additional conference participation, etc. may be listed in the annual progress report.)

The overview of (completed) requirements is to be kept cumulatively and supplemented annually. After completing the entire study programme it serves as your record of examinations. A record of examinations that has been submitted to and approved by the Directorate of Studies must not be re-submitted.

Be aware that according to Study Law section of the Statutes of the University of Vienna and your curriculum the timely submission of your annual progress report is mandatory and is furthermore a requirement for receiving any type of financial support from the University (for example, a completion scholarship).

You can find further information about financial support at the Center for Doctoral Studies: