The main focus of doctoral studies are independent scientific research and writing a dissertation thesis.

Please take note of the following information when writing your dissertation: Information concerning the preparation and submission of academic theses / Information zur Erstellung und Abgabe von Hochschulschriften

At the end of the doctorate, the dissertation is assessed by two reviewers. The doctoral candidate and the supervisor have the right to propose these reviewers. The supervisor may be called upon as a reviewer only in certain justified cases, and in such cases a qualified external reviewer must also be called upon. The dissertation must be defended in an public defense.

Only those scholars who have confirmed their willingness to serve as reviewers may be proposed. Especially in the case of external reviewers, initial contact is to be made by the supervisor. Once a reviewer has confirmed her/his willingness, submit the following forms to us:

To call on the reviewers please submit the following documents:

If you propose an external reviewer, you must also submit additonally:

The proposed reviewer’s curriculum vitae, plus a publications list for the past three years (2-3 pages total).

Please send these documents in advance by email to: ssc.historische-kulturwissenschaften@univie.ac.at

We strongly recommend applying for the assignment of reviewers - at the very latest - four weeks before submitting your thesis.  

The following documents are required to submit the dissertation: You must not wait for the plagiarism check!

1.      Dissertation (three copies, hardcover bound in black, printing double-sided; embossing on the book spine is not required).
ATTENTION: As of 1 October 2015 a bilingual title page must be used!
Format the cover page according to the requirements; here is a sample template.
To fill out the cover page online and print it, click here:

-for female students

-for male students       

ATTENTION: The title should be given only in the langauge in which it was approved!!                                                    
You can find a detailed explanation of the title page here.
Co-supervision should be included on the title page only if requested by your supervisor and approved; you were informed about this decision by email.

ATTENTION: Do not confuse the approval of two or more supervisors when your dissertation topic was registered with the separate issue of co-supervision at the University (§ 15 (11) of the Study Law section of the Statutes of the University of Vienna). You may not apply for the latter yourself and only those with the qualifications specified in the University Statues are eligible. If there was no application for co-supervision, do not include this line.

2.      If you submit a work in several volumes, a title page must be bound in all volumes and it must also be uploaded this way. On the title page below the title of the thesis make note of "Band 1 von 2 / Volume 1 of 2" (Band 2 von 2 / Volume 2 of 2).

If you submit a joint work, the co-author must be named on the title page. Under your name include the note "gemeinsam mit /in collaboration with".

ATTENTION! Your matriculation number is not included on the cover sheet! However you must include the number of the degree programme found on your student record sheet, for example A 792 312.

3.      Abstract in German, and when possible in English (at least 100 words each).

4.      From 1 October 2015 NO curriculum vitae should be bound in the work.

5.      Einreichformular / Doctoral thesis submission 

6.      Upload confirmation, signed. On this, see:
Information zur Erstellung und Abgabe von Hochschulschriften

7.      Current student record sheet ‘Studienblatt’ (if possible)

8.      If relevant, your record of examinations (which can also be submitted separately from the dissertation either earlier or later)

9.      Zuweisung einer Dissertation an Beurteilerinnen/Beurteiler / Assignment of a thesis to reviewers  + Abstract (This must be turned in with the dissertation at the very latest, though it is strongly recommended to submit this form at least four weeks before dissertation submission; see above.)

10.      If applicable, a final progress report (optional, depending on recommendation of your supervisor)

11.      If applicable, proof of name change (for example, marriage certificate)

If you have an academic degree, make sure that the academic title has been entered completely and correctly in UNIVIS / u:space. If this is not the case, please contact the Admission Office!

You will be informed by email (to your u:account) about the evaluation of your dissertation. (The review period is up to four months.)
A positive assessment of the dissertation is necessary before you may register for the public defense.